Commend Gov. Cuomo and Unlock COVID-19 Testing Opportunities

Apr 24, 2020
On April 8th the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) made the historic decision to allow pharmacists to order and administer FDA approved COVID-19 tests. Empowering pharmacists to test for COVID-19 is a policy GNP and ABC have advocated for, and we are pleased to see this recent HHS guidance. However, in New York pharmacists are still unable to administer COVID-19 tests due to existing state restrictions. TAKE ACTION NOW
As the state of New York witnesses the first-ever "days" sequence of decreased COVID-19 deaths, the pharmacy community is rallying to commend Governor Cuomo's leadership and highlight its' ability to play an even greater role in the COVID-19 pandemic should the state remove remaining barriers to allow pharmacists to order, administer and interpret such tests performed through a simple nasal swab or finger stick. This is important now – and in preparation for the "next wave" about which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already is warning.
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**If you have a Twitter account, you can also access NACDS’ website to call for the removal of remaining barriers via Twitter!**
Like Governor Cuomo, our community is dedicated to public health and serving New Yorkers in need. As the state scales up its COVID-19 testing capacity, capable licensed pharmacists are ready, willing and able to help.  And NACDS and NCPA continue to help advance pharmacy's role in the COVID-19 response, urging immediate action by all levels of government to remove needless burdens so pharmacy can be fully ready to help meet the exponentially increasing demands of this crisis. With your help, we can accomplish this goal!
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