New York State Pain Society Submits Letter to Gov. Cuomo Regarding Proposed Opioid Surcharge in NY State Budget

Mar 29, 2018

The New York State Pain Society (NYSPS) submitted a letter to the governor of the state of New York, raising concerns regarding the proposed opioid “surcharge” included for consideration in the budget for the state. NYSPS is concerned that this will ultimately result in, “a tax whose cost will ultimately be borne by ALL of our citizens through healthcare cost increases, health insurance cost increases and out-of-pocket cost increases,” and, “that the current draft may ultimately affect access to patient care.” While the NYSPS has requested that this be removed from the final budget, they do, “applaud the [State’s] efforts to find funding for ‘opioid treatment, recovery and prevention and education services.’”

Take Action:

If you are a pharmacist in New York and would like to share your concerns regarding the proposed state budget you can quickly and easily share your concerns with your state legislators two ways:

Visit the NCPA's Legislative Action Center

Visit the Pharmacist Society of the State of New York